Another Pair of Ginger Jeans

I'm so pleased with these Closet Case Patterns Ginger Jeans. This is the second time I have made this pattern (see my first attempt here). I will admit that my first pair are a little sketchy. I made them from  a fairly cheap, lightweight denim and they've already started to come apart in places. I don't wear them a lot as the denim is just too lightweight for jeans really and, as a first attempt at jeans making, they just don't feel as "finished" as my other me-made items. However, I nailed the fit on them (or as close as I could). So, the second time around, I invested in a heavier stretch denim from Stoff and Stil and, armed with my already adjusted pattern (sway back for the waist), set to work on these. 

As I've already had a go at making the pattern, I wanted to add a few of my own individual touches to this version. I chose orange thread for the topstitching. I just doubled up on normal sewing thread - one on the normal spool and one bobbin on the bobbin winder bit - you know what I mean! And I also added two spools of orange to my overlocking thread to create a cool orange seam for the turn-ups (above). I love a turn-up! My topstitching still isn't perfect (will it ever be?) but it's definitely getting straighter and it will only improve with practice. I also got creative on the back pockets and tried a mountain-inspired design (below). 

Another new addition to this version was the different fabric for the inner waistband. I had some scraps of the Rico Design unicorn fabric from Sew Me Sunshine (no longer in stock) to use up so decided that I would have a unicorn waistband and banana pockets leftover from my banana Kalle shirt (Rashida Coleman Hale for Cotton and Steel from The Fabric Fox). 

Overall verdict: I love the fit on these! The second time around felt much easier and I felt a lot more confident. Sewing jeans takes a bit of machine and thread juggling (I just had my old Toyota machine and my Janome overlocker, so had to change thread on my Toyota from topstitching to single thread in navy at times), and a constant hot iron on hand, but it really is worth it to get that fit. It also feels like an achievement when you can go out in jeans that you have made yourself. Another #2018makenine complete!


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