Cropped Kalle Shirt

 I'm a massive fan of the Kalle shirt by Closet Case Patterns. My banana shirt is my all-time favourite shirt (have I said that before? :) ). I've been waiting (I don't know why) for a while to make the cropped version, which I've seen a lot on Instagram (and in Heather Lou's Jeans Making Class) and always looks great. 

For this version, I decided to try the (what I call) stand collar. I'm not sure if that's the proper term, but I'm going with it. I thought it might be more practical for summer. Given that it's a cropped shirt, in such a summery print, it's probably going to get most wear during the warmer months. I added the pocket a little higher on the front to match with the pattern; at first glance, it's almost hidden on the front of the shirt.

I made it in this gorgeous, fun Cotton and Steel sunglasses print in the Poolside Collection from Sew Me Sunshine. It's a fairly stable cotton (medium quilting weight?) so lends itself to a structural shape like the Kalle. This time, I inserted the box pleat (rather than the inverted box pleat on my banana version), again to make it more sculptural so that the back hung wide (if that makes sense?) I also added buttons this time, rather than my trusty snaps/poppers. I bought a fab new Simflex tool for measuring buttonholes from Crafty Sew & Sew, which has made life a lot easier. My buttons are even, yay!

Overall, I'm super-pleased with the shirt. I think it will get a lot of wear over summer and looks great with high-waisted trousers/skirt.


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