Linden Tee Hack

Those of you who follow me on Instagram (if not on here) will now know that I'm a fan of the Grainline Studio Linden sweatshirt. I chose it as my #OWOP17 (One Week One Pattern) pattern and, despite OWOP being over, I still had the urge (need) for another one.

When Harriet at Sew Me Sunshine told me that she had the Cotton + Steel octopus jersey in stock, I just had to have some! And, when it arrived on Saturday, it went straight into the wash and was turned into a tee by the evening! It's so soft and such fab quality. Unfortunately, it sold out really quickly, but Sew Me Sunshine stocks other three patterns in the Cotton + Steel Dress Shop jersey.

So...what did I make? Well, obviously, I went straight to the Linden pattern. But, this time, I made some adjustments. Rather than making my usual loose-fitting size 6 (presumably US sizing!), I sized down and traced the View B size 4 pattern.

Once I'd sewn it all together on my overlocker (still loving having one of these to play with!), I realised that the front was quite short (if you look at the pattern, it has a curved hem on the front piece). I'm not a fan of hemming knits as I tend to stretch them by accident so, I decided to add length to the top by adding ribbing to the bottom. I basically, used my existing piece (from view A) and reduced it by about a cm (which would have taken c.4cm off altogether as it's two pieces cut on the fold line). This worked fine on the smaller pattern piece.

Initially, I was going to shorten the sleeves, but quite liked the length after trying it on, so I decided to add ribbing to these too. This time, I cut the same width as the neckband, using the length of cuffs from the view A (size 6) pieces. And this is how it turned out...

Verdict: I'm super-pleased with this one. I think this is going to be my new favourite!


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