Tatty Devine Giant Tropical Parakeet Workshop

Not sewing, but those who follow me on Instagram will know that I am a massive fan of Tatty Devine jewellery. Last Saturday, I awoke very early and left the house at 6.30am to make it for a 10.30am start at Tatty Devine's HQ in Brick Lane, London.

I was greeted by the always fabulous Charlotte and Meg (this is not my first workshop!), and introduced to the newest member of my collection - the Giant Tropical Parakeet - well, that is, in pieces ready to be made. I love the attention to detail with the workshops - the coloured work mats, the Tatty coasters and the workshop rulers (above). I went for the silver option this time (I chose gold for my last make - a medium purple mirror parakeet) and kept my flouro pieces the shiny side up. Team Tatty are on hand to help, especially in tightening the tricky larger rings, have a good natter and the playlist is always amazing! The Tatty workshops are great, I only wish I lived nearer so I could do all of them! Haha!

This time, I got to meet more of the people I follow on Instagram who are as crazy about Tatty as me, and I got to put together my very own bespoke parakeet. Tatty Devine also offer a 15% discount on jewellery purchases on the day of your workshop (excluding sale, I think) so I might (definitely) have left with an extra box (and which will be making an appearance on my Instragram in the near future).

[I had to wear my Pauline Alice Cami in Alexander Henry cactus Fabric for this one) 

Afterwards, I took a trip across to Tate Modern and walked back to get the Tube at the Barbican so I could the estate in its full concrete modernist glory! Perfect!


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